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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 11, 2012 6:30am-7:15am EST

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>> after you start doing that and you start using this opportunity to evaluate your life, it's at that point that you need to hold yourself accountable to make sure that you change your life and fix the things you've overlooked every single day to make it better. do you agree? and with that i also want to tell you something else that i learned. i learned about people. going around and being so many different people, i come from a small panic in touch. i travel 25 to 20 days a month and i go around speaking to them as types of people.
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some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them are crazy. but what i like to say is just like the afghans now, my afghans were the closest people to me as any marine was in my entire life. these afghan soldiers, i still keep in touch with them every week at least. i want to let you know and assure you that these afghans have sacrificed so much and helped us out over there. because with the current situations going on they always fail to give these guys credit. they're making them look bad over there right now. i want to let you these guys stood up and helps me every single day to become what i am. it's not fair for us as americans, because i didn't go over there and fight for republicans but i didn't go over there and fight for democrats. i didn't go over there and fight for any type of collar, christian, muslims. i didn't buy for any of them. do you want to know what i fought for?
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i fought for americans. we all need to understand that and realize that, pull back together and ensure that we all know we live in the greatest country on the face of the earth. i've accepted i have an opportunity to go out and speak to share the stores with people just like you who will listen to me. i've used this platform to go out and make a difference. maybe you look at me now and you say, dakota, what do you know? you are 24. yesterday, i gave up my first scholarship from the marine corps scholarship foundation but it's been the greatest thing i've done. i called up margaret davis last year, because that's not is going to the medal and then i wanted to go out and make a difference. i called her up and i said do you know what, what can i do to make a difference? i want to educate kids and help them, and i still want to do what he can as a marine. she said let's start a scholarship fund. i said okay.
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what, on top of that, how much money do you think you could raise? i said i don't know, it sounds good, and billion dollars. i don't know what that is the all right, we'll give you about a year to raise a million dollars and hacker challenge for america. not knowing how i would do it, but knowing i would do whatever it took, i raised $1.2 million within four months and they give that my first scholarship yesterday. [applause] >> and with that i teamed up with others to go and try to get it veterans jobs. with that were going out and speaking and trying to help guys get jobs and this and that. i'm standing up for veterans and i'm standing it, try to make a difference. we also wrote the book. i hope when you read a book to go home and read everything that i talk about and how it figures this stuff out and out makes a difference. i want to say, going on in
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speaking and doing it with men and women who sacrificed so much for our lives. because every day that you don't do that, you don't go out and do the best you can, you are doing nothing less than disgracing all of those men and women who have paid so much worse. want to let you know something. i'm not okay with that. are you? thank you so much. i really appreciate it. [applause] >> thank you. so, i'd like to open up for questions at the end. if you have any. oh, come on now. if you don't start asking me questions, i'm going to start asking you them. yes, sir.
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>> [inaudible] >> how do i see the rest of my life, that's a great question. i tell everyone, i have a construction company. i'm working with toyota. i'm consulting for a few companies. i just finished the book. i guess i'm on the road quite a bit but how do we see the rest of my life. that's a challenge that i have come is i'm 24, okay, everybody agrees that we live our life to try to top everything we do but we always like to use everything at stepping stones. what am i supposed to do at 24, i've received the medal of honor and i've been so me things, what am i going to do for the rest of my life to top it? i'm going to find something, i promise you that. it's going to be for someone else. it's going to be to make a difference and go out and speak and say things and be true to myself and be true to americans. and hopefully, inspire the whole nation to stand up and started culture just like the marine corps does, that accepts nothing
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less than being the best and hold each other accountable every day. so the rest of our life is go out and make a difference, whatever that might be. [applause] >> thank you yes, ma'am. >> [inaudible] >> to be honest with you i have no idea. [laughter] i'm going to find out that i get asked that question all the time and i've never asked. i don't know. i wasn't there. i've got a question right here someone wrote down. decoder, what are the things we can do to help servicemen and their families? >> help their servicemen and their families but i want to tell you, this is a topic a lot of people get mad at me about, but guess what? i'm going to speak on it because i'm so passionate about it. a lot of guys come back and a
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deal with the stress of the war of what's going on, and they deal with, you know, the events that occurred over there. what i believe you can do to help them out the most, people like that, is hold them accountable every day in their actions. because just because of that, i get so frustrated when i see a guy not go out, especially a member who has served and done so much for our country, i get so frustrated when they don't go out, they take every opportunity every single day and the you something to hold them back, or is that something like i guess ptsd holds them back because let me to you something. these guys have seen what it takes to be able to live in this great country and be free. they have seen it. and for them to sit there and disregard that and disregard what we've seen happen, and let themselves not go out and make a difference and not go and be the best they can every single day, it bothers me a lot. i think what do we do to help
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everyone out, is don't forget why you are sitting here and why you live in a free country. i say that is probable help out the most is, is do that, think about it but don't ever forget because we take our freedom, every single day take advantage of it and we forget why we are here. standing here right now i promise you there's some and giving shot at. there someone who was scared to death for their life, and there's some family member who sitting there who was wondering what's going on. so it's not just about the many women serving, it's about their families because they serve, too. so we just can never forget them and i think that's what's going to make a big difference, in my opinion. [inaudible]
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>> yes, sir you know, the marine corps we are taught, but i wanted to some the us were taught, it's honor, courage and commitment. we are taught accountability. just because of all be in store, bond with me and my brothers was stronger than what i learned obedience in order because they held me accountable. when i say they held me accountable, they held me accountable to never leave a fallen man behind and get them out live or die trying. that's what it was. i knew. i knew whenever i left that position after they told me no, i knew that, i said if the hallway, like all men, i'm going to have to answer for this. but, you know, what? it's the right thing to do. just because there's obedience to orders doesn't mean it's the always the right thing to do. so that's more what i'd like to live by is doing what's right and doing what i can. at what i can go home at night and look myself in the mirror.
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[inaudible] >> no. [inaudible] >> no, it was, yeah, it was a combination of all of them. growing up with my father, my father always would never let me quit and he always taught me to do what's right. my father never was in any kind of clicks, anything like that. you know, it has he just does what's right. he does what he feels is best for him, and that's what he
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putting me. then with the marine corps training on top of it, the same thing in the marine corps. my father taught me all the way up to the marine corps and they just pounded indeed be even more. then it's a lot of love. how did i not die that day? i don't know. i can't even begin to tell you. i don't know how i didn't die that day. and there's a reason. and every day that we have to live on as a bonus day. if you go to sleep tonight and wake up in the morning, that's a bonus day. we as humans are getting to the point where will we feel like we are entitled. we are entitled to tomorrow. guess what, we are not entitled to anything. and that's the thing we got her number is every day is a bonus day. why worry about the unknown? we all worry so much about tomorrow and finally just get just get through today? a lot of luck, too. there's so many combinations.
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[inaudible] >> i don't have wanted to look back at me and say you push us into it or you made me do this or i don't want the guilt on my hands is something bad happens to them and a, i pushed them into. you make your own decision. i'll give them all the facts they need to know to make their own decisions, and that's all we can do. never make up anybody's mind for the. i would definitely recommend. if you don't go to college i would happily recommend food into the military. and, of course, i'm going to say the marines because i'm biased. yes, ma'am. [inaudible] >> no, i don't. she said i'm not wearing my medal today. do i ever? no, i don't but don't time i would is when the onion uniform
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because i'm required to wear my medals but i don't wear it because that's not what i'm about. i am the foremost a marine and i'm an american. that's why i wear american flag cufflinks. i don't wear the medal because you don't, i don't have enough of them. because i want to let you know of any man or woman serving or all these marines in the back in uniform, they should be wearing the medal. it's just as much theirs as it is mind. because i truly believe, ask them. if you've ever been in a situation to receive a medal of honor raise your hand. none of them. that's why they don't have the medal of honor around their neck. [inaudible]
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>> i have. yeah, i've spoken to the naval academy, but i don't, i don't go out and speak a lot because a lot of people don't want to hear what i have to say, do you know what i mean? we getting the rules of engagement, and like i said last night, i truly believe that he could let an officer or anybody give you an excuse of for the rules of engagement, stop me from doing something or this and that, pardon my language but that's complete bull shipped. it's just incompetent leadership not being able to make a decision, is what it is. yes, sir. >> stomac[inaudible] >> it was a great vacation. [laughter] it was a wakeup call. i can we look back on it because
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i didn't get the experience from the outside. i was doing what i was told. actually went back to the base about a month ago, and i was like, i didn't even know this, and it seemed like coming from this place and this place was so much longer and they said it was, because we take you all the way around the other side. thank you having me here today. i appreciate the questions. take care. [applause] >> you're watching booktv on c-span2. 48 hours of nonfiction authors and books every weekend. >> one of the things you learn when you read about the children of alcoholics, and people and that kind of family dynamics is that a child like bill clinton begins to feel like he has the responsibility of appealing to the family, of receiving it, is


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